The word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double edge sword it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit.

Christine West

Hope & Joy

Christine continues our serious in looking at the Values of Kingdom Life.

This week she looks at Hope & Joy and brings to life many scriptures from both the Old & New Testaments.

Tim Eldridge

Staying in God’s Family

Today we welcomed Tim & Sue Eldridge to Kingdom Life. Tim & Sue sit on our Council of Reference.


This morning Tim looked at the importance of Family/Community of church. Using 5 brief points he highlighted how when we find church difficult we need to ask for more of God’s Grace. Our church family is so central in our walk with Christ but sometimes can also be so difficult.

An excellent  talk full of practical help and guidance.

David West


Dave today shares with us about generosity without preaching about giving money, whilst still talking about giving money. He reminds us that God doesn’t need our money and about how important our motives are. Our motives show where our heart is whether this be with our time, our words or our money.

Dave Elverson

Senior Leader
Kingdom Life Value – Intimacy

Dave continues our theme of the values of Kingdom Life and today looks at Intimacy.

At Kingdom Life we are passionate lovers of Christ.

The New Testament gives 2 clear yardsticks regarding the love of God. Firstly the Cross and secondly the Gift of Sonship.

As we realise we are adopted into God’s family this should be the springboard of loving Him more.

Dave Elverson

Senior Leader

What we value impacts on our decision making. Today is the start of a series of looking at Kingdom Life values.

The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ teaching of Heaven’s values.

Thought provoking questions?

1 What are my values?
2 How do they compare to the values of the Sermon on the Mount?
3 Reflect on how my values impact on my decisions
4 Reflect on Sermon on the Mounts values
5 How do Kingdom Life’s values compare to those from the Sermon on the Mount?

Holly Elverson

Senior Leader
The Rich and the Kingdom of God

Matthew 19:16-30.

Holly brings to life these wonderful verses and shows how Jesus is enough. Sharing from her own experiences of how God healed her parents of cancer and a rare stomach complaint and the peace that Jesus gave her during this difficult time.

Jesus understands the price the Rich Man would have to pay and what he would have to give up.

Holly Elverson

Senior Leader

As we enter this season of advent, Holly shares the awesome story of God’s promise to Mary from Luke 1:26-38. Advent, like so many stories in the Bible, started with a baby. Mary fulfilled the great prophecy and carried inside her our hope of eternal glory. Mary received the promise and as she waited for Christ’s birth she no doubt got acquainted with Him and His ways.

Caleb Gray-Read

How Do You See God

Psalm 34:8 New International Version (NIV)

8 Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

We should taste not because of our circumstances but because of our stance. David wrote this Psalm whilst he was on the run. King Saul wanted him dead.

How do we taste God? We taste Him through Jesus.

Stuart Glassborow

Leader at Catch the Fire Church & Veterinary Surgeon
Burning Bush

We welcome Stu from Catch the Fire.

Sharing from Exodus, Stu brings to life how we can be safe in the Fire of God and how all scripture points to Jesus. The burning bush that Moses experienced was was unusual in the fact it was burning but not being destroyed. Our experience of God should be a fire that brings life as well as experience of partnering with our Father. The world needs US to know who God is so that we can bring the unsaved into a lasting relationship with Jesus.

Holly Elverson

Senior Leader
Fight Your Battles The Jesus Way

Matthew 4:1-11 Jesus relied on the scriptures to fight His battles. By knowing the Word of God, Jesus was able to fight off the devil’s temptations. When we walk through a period of trouble our knowledge of the Bible will sustain us and bring us through. We need to learn to fight our battles the Jesus way.