We are a community of worshippers in Norwich, UK.

We exist to ignite individual hearts until Heaven meets Earth. We gather to encounter God’s presence, where personal revival starts and we become the people we were created to be.



Holly Elverson

Holly was born and raised in Norfolk and loves the city of Norwich. Her passion is to see people set free to be the people God created them to be. She is a mother of two beautiful girls, Olivia and Beatrice, and has a passion for them and all of Gods children to know God intimately and be confident in who God says they are. Holly completed Bethel's Leadership Development Programme in 2014 and is part of Bethel's Leadership Network

Dave Elverson

Dave moved to Norwich in 2001, met a Norfolk girl and has been here ever since! He works as a management consultant and is passionate about breaking down the sacred / secular divide. Life for Dave and Holly changed dramatically in 2012 when Dave ended up paralysed due to a rare illness. The prognosis was very bad, but after a few people prayed for Dave he walked out of the hospital the next day. This changed everything and since that time Holly and Dave have both been on a journey of discovery of what more God has in store.
Dave also completed Bethel's Leadership Development Programme, a member of Bethel's Leadership Network, is passionate about sports and loves nothing better than throwing balls around in the garden with his daughters!


We are a church that exists to see the love and power of Jesus impact and transform all aspects of society as believers shine with the glory that is in them and see the impossible take place. Our vision is to:


Be a presence centred worshipping community that gives a high value to excellence.


Make big people: Rather than run ‘church programmes’ our vision is to focus on getting people healed up and understand God’s purpose for their lives. We look to empower people to discover their God given vision and then equip and resource them to see that come into existence.


Nurture ‘big kids’ who are honoured and empowered as today’s church as well as being trained for tomorrow.


Embrace mission that shares the love and power of Jesus.


Be a resource centre that equips and supports the body of Christ to see the Kingdom of Heaven advance regionally and across Europe.



We are committed to seeing radical faith and passion for Jesus in the whole family. For husbands and wives to model the relationship between Christ and the church, and for children to be set apart for a life of eternal purpose. We believe church is family and family is heaven’s plan for this earth.


We are a generous house who reflect the abundant nature of God through our generosity.

The Word of God

We are committed to searching out and growing in understanding of the scriptures and applying them every day to our lives.

Intimacy with Jesus

Intimacy with Jesus is our pursuit and greatest reward. It is the one thing that inspires us in everything we do. From this place of intimacy we hear from God, see as He sees and invite Him to have his way in us and in situations and people we encounter.

Signs, Wonders and Miracles

We don’t just hope for miracles, but expect the supernatural as part of the normal, everyday Christian life.

Worship and Prayer

We are committed to creating a culture of worship through consistent rhythms of praise, worship and prayer that does not cease day or night.

The Advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven

We constantly look to advance the Kingdom of Heaven through the proclamation of the gospel in all walks of life and through the development of disciples.


We are committed to empowering all people to be everything God has created them to be.

Hope and Joy

We have a good Father who wants the best for us. This means our lives are characterised by the joyful expectation of good, having fun and living in freedom.

Being Normal

Christ is in each of us and Christ is best represented by us when we are true to who He has made us to be and uniquely shine with His glory. To live a life of meaning and power doesn’t require a ‘Christian language’ or a set of ‘Christian behaviours’. Being who you are best represents Christ to the world.

Council of Reference


We don’t belong to any denomination and work to see all of the streams of the Kingdom of God flow as one river. The leaders are part of Bethel’s Leadership Network and are positioned under Bethel for spiritual covering.  We are also commissioned by and held accountable to a Council of Reference consisting of wise fathers and mothers.
Paul & Sue Manwaring

Paul Manwaring is on the Senior Leadership Team at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Paul is founder of Global Legacy and oversees Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry’s Third Year program, equipping and deploying revivalists. Paul and Sue speak and preaches in venues around the world. Their passion is to see glorious sons and daughters revealed and cities transformed, particularly across Europe.

Ian & Marj Rossol

Ian and Marj have oversight of All Nations Church Leicester and also carry a wider national and international ministry to the body of Christ. They desire to see each person released into their God-given supernatural birthright and heritage – rooted in the love of the Father, growing in the grace of Jesus and overflowing with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

Tony & Ursula Wastall

Tony and Ursula pastor LifeSpring Church in Wolverhampton, a church they started in 1998. Tony and Ursula also minister around the world sharing passionately on the Father Heart of God and equipping the body of Christ to operate in love and through signs, wonders and miracles.

Tim & Sue Eldridge

Tim & Sue have been Senior Leaders in Presence Church Harrogate since 1997. Tim is a natural connector and catalyst and has brought wider connections to the church across the UK. Tim and Sue organise and host the European Leaders Advance (ELA) conference every year as well as putting on many other conferences. Sue has a ministry encouraging women to rise up and be all they have been created to be.


Sunday Venue
City of Norwich School
Eaton Road